How to Pronounce Zimri

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How to Say Zimri

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Learn more about Zimri

Zimri, a name of biblical significance, is associated with both praise and a brief, tumultuous reign in the history of ancient Israel. Understanding the pronunciation and historical context of the name "Zimri" can provide valuable insights into biblical narratives and their relevance to the study of the Bible.

Meaning and Significance of Zimri

The name "Zimri" is not accompanied by a specific meaning in the biblical text. However, it is notable for its connection to individuals who played distinct roles in the history of Israel.

Role in Biblical Accounts and References

Zimri is mentioned in two different contexts within the Bible:

  • Incident with Phinehas: In one biblical account, Zimri is identified as a son of Salu and is known for his wrongdoing. He brought a Midianitish woman into his tent, an act considered wicked. This led to his confrontation with Phinehas, the son of Eleazar. Phinehas, driven by zeal for the Lord, took action and slew Zimri and the woman involved in this transgression. This event is recounted in Numbers 25:6-15 and highlights the importance of obedience to God's commands.

  • Reign as King of Israel: In another biblical account, Zimri's name is associated with his brief but tumultuous reign as the king of Israel. He murdered Elah at Tirzah and subsequently assumed the throne (1 Kings 16:8-10). However, Zimri's reign was short-lived, lasting only seven days. Omri, another contender for the throne, garnered the support of the army and besieged Tirzah. Faced with impending defeat, Zimri set fire to the royal palace, ultimately perishing amid the ruins. This marked the end of his reign (1 Kings 16:11-20).

Zimri's actions and the brevity of his reign serve as a cautionary tale within the biblical narratives. His story underscores the consequences of disobedience and the challenges of leadership within the context of ancient Israel.

Additional Biblical References

The name "Zimri" is found in the following biblical passages:

  • Numbers 25:6-15: This passage recounts the incident involving Zimri's wrongdoing and his confrontation with Phinehas.

  • 1 Kings 16:8-20: These verses provide an account of Zimri's rise to power, his brief reign as king of Israel, and his ultimate demise.

Exploring these references can further enhance one's understanding of the biblical narratives related to Zimri.