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How to Say Zebedee

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Learn more about Zebedee

Zebedee, a figure of biblical significance, is known for his role as a Galilean fisherman and as the husband of Salome. He is also recognized as the father of James and John, two of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Exploring the details surrounding Zebedee's life sheds light on his role in the biblical narrative.

Family and Occupation

Zebedee was married to Salome, a woman mentioned in the Bible (see Salome). Together, they had two sons, James and John, who later became notable disciples of Jesus. Zebedee's occupation was that of a fisherman, which was a common profession among the Galilean people during that time.

Zebedee appears to have held a certain level of prominence in Capernaum, where he resided. He owned two boats, indicating a degree of prosperity in his trade (Luke 5:4). Additionally, he had "hired servants" working for him (Mark 1:20), suggesting that he had a relatively successful fishing enterprise.

Role in the Gospel Accounts

While Zebedee is mentioned in the Gospels, his appearances are primarily in the context of his familial relationships:

Discipleship of James and John: Zebedee's significance in the Gospel narratives primarily stems from being the father of James and John, who were among the twelve disciples chosen by Jesus (Matt. 4:21). It is noteworthy that when Jesus called James and John to follow Him, they left their father Zebedee and their fishing profession to become His devoted followers (Matt. 4:21-22).

No further mentions of Zebedee are found in the biblical accounts after his sons' decision to become disciples of Jesus.

Zebedee's role as a supportive parent in the journey of James and John exemplifies the transformative impact of Jesus' ministry on individuals and families.

Biblical References

Zebedee is mentioned in the following biblical passages:

  • Matthew 4:21: This verse records the calling of James and John, identifying Zebedee as their father.

  • Matthew 27:56: Zebedee is mentioned in the context of the crucifixion of Jesus.

  • Mark 15:40: Zebedee is again mentioned in connection with the crucifixion.

Exploring these references provides insights into Zebedee's familial ties with prominent disciples of Jesus and his role as a fisherman in Galilee.