How to Pronounce Zadok

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How to Say Zadok

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Learn more about Zadok

Learn More About Zadok

Zadok, which means "righteous," is a significant figure in the Hebrew Bible, representing both religious authority as a high priest and historical importance in the times of David and Solomon.

Who Was Zadok?

Zadok was a son of Ahitub, stemming from the line of Eleazer. He served as high priest during the reigns of David and Solomon. First mentioned as joining David at Hebron, Zadok's alliance might have been why he was made ruler over the Aaronites. While both Zadok and Abiathar acted as high priests during David's reign, Zadok was the sole high priest under Solomon after Abiathar's allegiance to Adonijah led to his dismissal.

Bible References for Zadok

  • Zadok's lineage: 2 Samuel 8:17; 1 Chronicles 24:3
  • High priest during David's reign: 2 Samuel 20:25
  • High priest during Solomon's reign: 1 Kings 4:4
  • Actions during Adonijah's attempt for the throne: 1 Kings 2:27, 35

Significance of Zadok

Zadok's unwavering loyalty to David during times of political upheaval marked him as a figure of integrity and righteousness. By supporting Solomon, he played a pivotal role in preserving the Davidic line, upholding the divine promise. He resumed the line of Phinehas and retained the high priesthood until Jerusalem's fall.

Pronunciation Challenges

The name is commonly pronounced as ZAY-dok. However, regional and linguistic variations might lead to alternate pronunciations.

Main Themes about Zadok

Zadok's story emphasizes the virtues of loyalty, righteousness, and highlights the influence of religious figures during political transitions. His contributions, based on loyalty to the king and to God, were essential in safeguarding the Davidic lineage.

Additional Noteworthy Facts about Zadok

  • He was succeeded in the high priest office by his son Azariah (1 Kings 4:2; comp. 1 Chronicles 6:3-9).
  • Zadok's lineage includes his being the father of Jerusha, wife of King Uzziah, and mother of King Jotham (2 Kings 15:33; 2 Chronicles 27:1).
  • He was titled "the scribe" and was set over the treasuries of the temple by Nehemiah, working alongside a priest and a Levite (Nehemiah 13:13).
  • The sons of Baana, who played a part in the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall, are also referred to as Zadok (Nehemiah 3:4).