How to Pronounce Zaccaria

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Audio Pronunciation of Zaccaria

Phonetic Pronunciation of Zaccaria


How to Say Zaccaria

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Learn more about Zaccaria

Zaccaria is the Italian form of the name Zechariah. Rooted deeply in biblical traditions, the name means "God has remembered."

Who Was Zaccaria?

While many might instantly recognize Zaccaria as the Italian counterpart to the biblical Zechariah, in Italy, this name holds its own historic and cultural significance. In the New Testament, Zaccaria is identified as the father of John the Baptist, a priest visited by the Angel Gabriel and informed of his wife Elizabeth's upcoming miraculous pregnancy.

Bible References for Zaccaria

  • Zaccaria's divine message about John's birth: Luke 1:5-25
  • Zaccaria's song of praise: Luke 1:67-79

Significance of Zaccaria

In religious contexts, Zaccaria's story symbolizes the fulfillment of divine prophecies and the bridging of the Old and New Testaments. His character demonstrates unwavering faith after initial skepticism.

Pronunciation Challenges

The Italian pronunciation leans on the third syllable: Zat-cha-RI-a.

Main Themes about Zaccaria

The tale of Zaccaria underscores themes of faith, divine prophecy, and the transition from doubt to devout belief. His role as the precursor to John the Baptist marks a significant point in the biblical timeline leading up to Jesus' ministry.

Zaccaria in Italian History and Culture

Throughout Italian history, the name Zaccaria has been associated with various religious, artistic, and cultural endeavors, reflecting Italy's rich tapestry of traditions and its intertwining with religious narratives.