How to Pronounce Zeror

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Audio Pronunciation of Zeror

Phonetic Pronunciation of Zeror


How to Say Zeror

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Learn more about Zeror

Zeror is a name of Hebrew origin that appears in the Bible and holds significance in genealogical and historical contexts. Exploring the pronunciation and background of the name "Zeror" can provide valuable insights into biblical narratives and the people associated with it.

Meaning and Significance of Zeror

The name "Zeror" is of Hebrew origin and is thought to convey the idea of "bundled" or "bound." While the meaning may not be explicitly mentioned in the biblical text, it is notable for its association with particular individuals and families within the Bible.

Role in Biblical Accounts and References

Zeror is primarily associated with two individuals in the biblical narrative:

  1. Zeror, the father of Ner: In 1 Samuel 14:51, Zeror is mentioned as the father of Ner and the grandfather of Saul, who would become the first king of Israel. This genealogical reference provides insights into the ancestry of King Saul and his familial connections. While the pronunciation of Zeror's name is not explicitly provided in the text, understanding its historical context can aid in biblical pronunciation comprehension.
  2. Zeror, the son of Bechora: In 1 Chronicles 7:7, Zeror is mentioned as the son of Bechora and a member of the tribe of Ephraim. This reference provides genealogical information about the descendants of Ephraim, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Zeror's name serves as a marker in tracing the lineage of this tribe within the biblical narrative.

While Zeror may not be among the most prominent names in the Bible, its appearances in genealogical records offer valuable historical and ancestral context for those interested in understanding biblical pronunciations and lineages.