How to Pronounce Zippor

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Audio Pronunciation of Zippor

Phonetic Pronunciation of Zippor


How to Say Zippor

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Learn more about Zippor

Zippor is a name of prominence in the Old Testament. Recognized as the king of Moab during the times of the Israelites' wanderings after their Exodus from Egypt, he holds a unique place in biblical history.

Meaning and Significance of Zippor

Translating to "bird" in Hebrew, Zippor's name might have held symbolic meanings in ancient times, sometimes indicating particular characteristics or events that marked an individual's life.

Role in Biblical Accounts and References

Zippor's mention is especially highlighted in the context of the narrative in Numbers 22. As the Israelites were making their journey, Zippor's apprehensions about them traversing his domain became evident. In a bid to curse the Israelites, he sends emissaries to the prophet Balaam. However, the eventual twist sees God turning Balaam's intended curse into a blessing (Numbers 22:1-12).