How to Pronounce Theophilus

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How to Say Theophilus

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Learn more about Theophilus

Theophilus is a name that resonates throughout the New Testament, particularly in the writings of Luke. While many readers of the Bible are acquainted with the name, the identity of Theophilus remains somewhat enigmatic. Here at, we seek to shed light not only on the pronunciation of "Theophilus" but also on his potential role and significance within the biblical narrative.

Who was Theophilus?

Theophilus, whose name means "Lover of God" or "Friend of God" in Greek, is addressed in the opening verses of both the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Although the exact identity of Theophilus remains a subject of speculation among scholars, he is generally believed to have been a high-ranking Roman official or a benefactor who supported Luke's writing endeavors. Some also theorize that "Theophilus" might not refer to a specific individual but rather to any "lover of God" or Christian reader of Luke's works.

Bible References for Theophilus

The primary biblical references to Theophilus can be found in the introductions of Luke's writings. In Luke 1:3, the author mentions his intent to write an orderly account of the life of Jesus for Theophilus. Similarly, in Acts 1:1, Luke refers to his first book (the Gospel of Luke) as having been written for Theophilus, and he continues with the narrative of the early Christian church in Acts.

Significance of Theophilus

Theophilus' mention at the beginning of two crucial New Testament books underscores the importance of his role, whether as a patron, a specific individual inquiring about Christianity, or a symbolic figure representing all believers. His name serves as a reminder of the broader audience Luke had in mind: those genuinely seeking to understand and follow the teachings of Jesus.

Pronunciation Challenges

The name "Theophilus" can be a bit tricky to pronounce given its Greek origin. provides audio files on how to pronounce Theophilus, allowing readers to vocalize the name with confidence and further immerse themselves in the New Testament's historical context.