How to Pronounce Rhegium

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Audio Pronunciation of Rhegium

Phonetic Pronunciation of Rhegium


How to Say Rhegium

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Learn more about Rhegium

Rhegium, while not as frequently mentioned as some other biblical locations, holds a special place in the New Testament's narrative. As a geographical reference, its mention offers insights into the travels and journeying of the Apostle Paul. At, our goal is to provide clarity not just on "Rhegium pronunciation" but also to elucidate its significance within the biblical account.

What is Rhegium?

Rhegium was an ancient city located on the southern tip of Italy, now known as Reggio Calabria. Due to its strategic location near the Strait of Messina, it was an essential port for ships traveling between Sicily and the Italian mainland. Its mention in the New Testament ties it to the missionary journeys of Paul.

Bible References for Rhegium

Rhegium is specifically mentioned in the New Testament in Acts 28:13. Here, it's noted that Paul, on his journey to Rome as a prisoner, stopped at Rhegium. The very next day, a south wind began to blow, allowing them to continue on to Puteoli, another port city further north.

Historical Context

The mention of Rhegium underscores the authenticity and historical accuracy of the Book of Acts. As with many of the geographical references in Acts, it shows that the early Christian leaders frequently traveled and spread the Gospel's message throughout the Mediterranean world. The mention of specific locations like Rhegium provides a tangible connection between the biblical narrative and archaeological and historical records.

Pronunciation Challenges

The name "Rhegium" can be slightly challenging to pronounce for some due to its unique structure and origin. To assist readers and scholars, offers audio files detailing the correct pronunciation of Rhegium, ensuring clarity and confidence when discussing this significant location.